Free Online Course on Hypersonics – from Shock Waves to Scramjets

The university of Queensland is providing unfastened on-line route on Hypersonics – from surprise Waves to Scramjets. that is an open path and every person can select to participate and learn about hypersonics.
on this four week direction, applicants will understand flight at speeds more than Mach five and find out how to investigate the overall performance of a scramjet. This route will begin on January 23, 2018.
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period: 4 weeks
attempt: four-eight hours pw
subject: Engineering
group: The university of Queensland and edx
Languages: English
rate: unfastened
certificate to be had: yes, add a established certificate for $ninety nine
session: path starts on January 23, 2018
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The university of Queensland (UQ), Australia, is one of the international’s top-rated teaching and studies establishments. Striving for excellence through the creation, preservation, switch and alertness of information UQ ranks in the pinnacle 50 Universities as measured by using the QS world university scores. UQ is one of most effective three Australian contributors of the global Universities 21 and a founding member of the institution of eight (Go8) universities.
about This course
A waft is called hypersonic if the Mach variety is greater than 5. because of this the waft speed is extra than 5 instances the velocity of sound. In air at room temperature, the rate of sound is round 340 m / s, so a Mach 5 waft could have a waft velocity of one.7 km / s or simply over 6,000 km / h. whilst a rocket launches to satellite tv for pc into earth orbit, when a probe enters the surroundings of some other planet or when an aircraft is propelled through a supersonic combustion ramjet engine (a scramjet), hypersonic flows are encountered.
Why Take This course?
Hypersonics – from surprise Waves to Scramjets introduces the basic standards related to flight at speeds more than Mach 5 and takes college students to the stage where they can analyze the performance of a scramjet engine that is probably used in a future get right of entry to-to-area device.
getting to know results
when compressible drift happens, how it behaves and while a waft will become hypersonic
how to version 1D compressible flows
the nature of surprise waves
The results on a float whilst the float is hypersonic
How scramjet propulsion fits within context of aerospace propulsion
the way to version the performance of a simple second scramjet engine
Professor David J. Mee
college of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
The college of Queensland
Professor Richard G. Morgan
college of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
The college of Queensland
Professor Michael smart
college of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
The university of Queensland
Dr Vincent Wheatley
faculty of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
The college of Queensland
Dr Anand Veeraragavan
school of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
The college of Queensland


This is an open course and anyone can choose to participate and learn about hypersonics. If, however, you want to delve into the field deeply, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of introductory concepts in Calculus, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. These will enable you to fully participate in the course, particularly the assessment tasks. The following online courses could be useful for you before you start to get yourself up to speed:

  • Differential Equations (MIT Open course): Unit 1: Basic DE’s, Linear ODE’s, Integrating Factors
  • Calculus with Applications (MIT Open course): Any calculus related math required for our course
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics (MIT Open course): Look up lecture notes to cover basic introductory thermodynamics

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